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The vineyards of Barsac possess an original soil.

Château Saint-Marc is situated in the gravel soils of Barsac, on its main plot (9ha). Also in a part of the vineyard called Haut-Barsac (3ha), the gravely/sandy soil has a red coloration due to the presence of iron in its clay component.The subsoil contains asteries limestone. Combined, these features give to the wines an original note, the energetic and full-bodied character of Barsac, which is well appreciated by the great connoisseurs.

Furthermore, an exceptional micro-climate, due to its proximity to the river La Garonne and its stream Le Ciron, is responsible for the morning mist in autumn, creating favorable conditions for the development of Botrytis Cinerea or noble rot on grapes as they arrive to over maturity. It is Botrytis that will give this sumptuous freshness, richness and opulence in the great vintages.

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